Why Chunky Sneakers Are So Popular & How To Wear Them In Style

Chunky Sneakers

Why Chunky Sneakers Are More And More Popular?



Chunky sneakers were born in 1980s, that’s why they have a strong retro vibe. It looks like that chunky sneakers are father’s style at first glance. Compared to other sneakers, chunky sneakers have more complex design, and their shoe sole are usually not smooth.




Although chunky sneakers are not belong to classic shoes, they are never go out of style. Princess Diana was a big fan of chunky sneakers in 1990s.



Nowadays, chunky sneakers become many supermodels favorite sneakers. Elsa Hosk said to Vogue, “The shoes are many all-time favorite sneakers!”



We can easily find many chunky sneakers in Liuwen’s Instagram, she said that chunky sneakers are her favorite sneakers in daily life. Not only for supermodels, chunky sneakers are friendly to more people, especially when you want to look taller, because many chunky sneakers have inner heightening shoe pads. As the name fits the shoes, yes, they are chunky, but it is also the reason to make your ankles look slender.

How To Wear Chunky Sneakers In Style?

We think you already known why chunky sneakers are so popular after our introduction. So here comes to the question- how to wear them in style?

1. Pair With Long Pants



Long pants are the best friend of chunky sneakers without a doubt. And we highly suggest you go for long suit pants which we can see among many Instagram influencers. Vintage and cool, you can easily make a fashion statement!



You can also pair with long loose jeans which are more easily to copy in our daily life.

2. Pair With Bermuda Shorts And Bike Shorts



Wanna a more sunshine look? Try to pair chunky sneakers with Bermuda shorts for a neutral and cool look!




Bike shorts are also a great choice to pair with chunky sneakers! And bike shorts are experiencing an important moment in fashion these years. Whether you plan to do some workouts or go out with your friends, you can never go wrong with these two fashion items.

3. Pair With Dresses Or Skirts





Who said chunky sneakers can pair with dresses or skirts? Actually, we see more and more people try this mixed style. Whether the sexy silk dress or hot mini skirt, you can easily make a statement look! The pictures above will give you an idea of what we mean!

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