Personalized Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue JD Sneaker

Personalized Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue JD Sneaker

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Despite the improvements, Super Saiyan Blue still takes a tremendous toll on the body. Vegeta falls victim to this during the dragged-out battles with Moro. These hopeless struggles against the villain’s parlor tricks prompt the disgusted warrior to go to Yardrat, the planet where Goku learned Instant Transmission. Personalized Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue JD Sneaker. The natives teach him Spirit Control, the art of strengthening his own body and allowing him to manipulate the energy around him. What he intends as a small finger beam turns into a massive wave akin to Final Flash. Of course, this unorthodox training multiples Vegeta’s base power, but it also allows him to drain energy from his opponent. Even the most strenuous attacks are more enticing since the enemy loses steam just as quickly. Alternatively, he can keep the energy for himself, effectively making his power limitless as long as his body holds up.

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Personalized Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue JD Sneaker

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